Summer Pride Fund Raising Campaign

This month, we awarded our first Out To Protect Scholarship to Julianne Zuniga who just graduated from the Police Academy at Napa Valley College. The job market in California is tough, but Julianne decided to put herself through the academy on her own dime anyway. She is a proud member of the gay community and was an outstanding role model for her class.

It’s time now to fund raise for our next set of scholarships and we need your help. The Out To Protect Scholarship Program is funded entirely by private donations. No amount is too small to make a difference. Out to Protect Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, which means that every dollar you donate is fully tax deductible.

Donate Now

The Board of Directors is committed to making sure that 90% or more of ever donated dollar goes to one of our scholarships. This means that every dollar you donate will go to help a future law enforcement officer. Our goal this summer is to raise $10,000 by September 1 in order to fund the next 10 scholarship awards.

Please help us build this “first of its kind” scholarshp fund in the United States. It’s so easy to make a donation online using just about any credit card. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make an online donation. We welcome donations for professional organizations and checks are always accepted. Please click here for details about where to mail a donation.

You can follow us on Facebook for regular updates about our program.

Thank You

Greg Miraglia, President
Out To Protect Incorporated

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