Celebrate Your Pride This Month

June is pride month and a great time each year to celebrate being who you are. It makes no difference if you are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or straight, pride month is all about celebrating and being “out” about our differences. For all of us in law enforcement, we should remember that the annual pride parade has roots back to a violent conflict between patrons of a gay bar and the police. The riots and march arising from the police raid at the Stonewall Inn was, at least symbolically, the start of the gay rights movement.

The Stonewall Bar Today – June 2011 (photo courtesy of Alex Holm)

If you haven’t taken the time to watch “Stonewall Uprising,” here is a perfect opportunity to do so. Here is an opportunity to learn about some our history and to discover the origins of today’s pride.

From “American Experience” and PBS Video.

There are all kinds of reasons to have pride this month.  Click here to read more from our post from Pride 2010.

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