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New Study Of Homphobia In Law Enforcement

UCLA’s Williams Institute released a report this week about homophobia within law enforcement and corrections in the United States.  The 51 page report details research conducted by the Institute and chronicles countless incidents of LGBT law enforcement employees who have

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Our Radio Show Special

In 2010, we produced a special radio show during law enforcement week to share the stories of some amazing lesbian and gay law enforcement professionals who have “come out” on the job and who are working the streets serving communities

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The Coming Out Journey – Sharing Your Secret

Now that you’ve made it through the first and most scary phase of coming out to yourself, you are ready to move on about the business of living your life in the truth.  For many people this also means beginning

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Get Both Books Together!

If you are new to our website, welcome!  We would love to send you a set of our books, Coming Out From Behind The Badge and American Heroes coming Out From Behind The Badge so that you can have all

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AHCOFBTB Book Release

On February 19, 2011, we celebrated the release of American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge at the A Different Light Bookstore in the heart of the Castro in San Francisco.  This was our first official release party for

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