Month: November 2015

New Instructor Guide Coming

One of our hopes for the second edition of “Coming Out From Behind The Badge” is that it will be used in courses on community policing, public administration, administration of justice,  law enforcement academy programs, and LGBT Studies programs to

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An Interview With Jamey Frank

Briefly describe yourself including age, law enforcement, fire, and or EMS experience, what part of the country you are from and anything else you feel is important to know about you. I’m a 51 year old man who has lived

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Book Preview: Dedication

After publishing my second book, “American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge,” I said that it would be the last.  While I love the creativity and process of writing, working with publishers is challenging to say the very least. 

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Meet Darran Mazaika

Darran Mazaika is an LGBT activist living in Florida and was recently named a top activist in 2015.   He shares his story in our new book coming out in just over a month on January 1, 2016. Order your

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Meet Deputy Anthony Kasper

Deputy Anthony Kasper wrote a letter of encouragement featured in our new book that offers support especially for LGBT youth.  He is a pioneer of sorts being the first openly gay deputy sheriff hired by the department he now works

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