Speakers And Training

10863912_954120101279634_7457208772840786110_oThe most significant and contemporary issues related to work place harassment and discrimination facing law enforcement and the fire service involves the acceptance of employees who “come out” or who are suspected of being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender.  Discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation continues to pose a significant threat of liability for public safety agencies.

Laws and policies alone will not prevent discrimination and harassment from happening in the work place.  We know that the most effective way of changing the hearts and minds of offenders is with training, open discussion, and dialogue.

We can work with your agency or organization to design a speaking program or training program to meet the specific needs of your personnel.  Our experts can help guide the change of a culture of homophobia to one that is accepting and supportive for LGBT employees.  Our team includes straight and LGBT public safety professionals who are skilled at facilitating change through training and awareness.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Work Place Harassment And Discrimination Prevention Training

  • Customized Training That Creates A Supportive Environment For LGBT Personnel

  • Policy And Procedure Development And Review

  • Keynote And Special Event Presentations

  • Litigation And Expert Witness Consultation

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Available Programs

The following programs are available for immediate booking.  Each program has identified learning outcomes and an expanded course outline and lesson plan that can be used to support continuing professional training credit.  Pricing is based on time, travel, and expenses.  Use the link above to inquire or call 707-728-5428 to learn more.

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