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teacherinclassroomIf you are a teacher at a university, college, high school, or law enforcement training center and are either currently using our book or considering using our book in one of your classes, we would be pleased to provide you with instructional materials to support the book.  We can offer you course outlines, lesson plans, a PowerPoint presentation, and an instructional guide specifically for the 2nd edition of “Coming Out From Behind The Badge.”  All of this material also connects to our online LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement course.  We offer it free of charge to law enforcement professionals and students.

The instructional guide for the 2nd edition of “Coming Out From Behind The Badge” is complete with learning outcomes, critical thinking questions, and learning activities covering all sections of the book.  You can use the questions for homework or an essay exam.

We are happy to provide this material free of charge with the purchase of our book.  Please complete the form below and we will email you the materials you request.



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