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Writing Guide Part 6

Proofing And Submitting Your Story Welcome to the final installment of our writing guide series. If you have been following along each month, you should now be ready to submit your story. Hopefully your writing experience has been rewarding and

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Writing Guide Part 5

Wrapping It Up And Offering Advice Over the last four months, we’ve prompted you with just a few questions to consider while writing your story. Everyone’s experience is different, and yet, there are common threads to be found in almost

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Writing Guide Part 4

Reconciling Faith With Sexuality This month we offer you part four of our six-part writing guide series. If you are just joining us, we’ve been workshopping the writing of our stories since January in preparation for the June 30, 2015

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Writing Guide Part 3

Family, Friends, and Relationships Welcome to part three of our six-part writing guide series designed to help you write your story for our next book. So far we’ve covered the writing parameters as well as aspects of your law enforcement

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The Power Of Sharing Your Story

One of our fundamental beliefs about homophobia in the law enforcement profession is that laws, policies, and department regulations alone will not create the change that is desperately needed for our LGBT colleagues.  We know from experience that the most powerful

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