LGBT Awareness Training For Trainers

This course prepares instructors to facilitate LGBT awareness training as specified in California Penal Code section 13519.41 (effective January 1, 2019) for peace officers, dispatchers and other law enforcement professionals. The learning outcomes for this course include:

1.     The student will identify the required course content for LGBT awareness training pursuant to California Penal Code section 13519.41.

2.     The student will understand how to use learning activities to deliver course content related to LGBT awareness training for law enforcement.

3.     The student will identity the documents required to get a course of training certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.

Participants will receive a complete training package for the LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement course that includes an expanded course outline, lesson plans, PowerPoints, and learning activities. It is recommended that participants have some prior instructor development training.  Participants will complete the LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement course content during this training for trainers.  In order to register, you must be currently employed by a California law enforcement agency.

Course Presentation Schedule

Monday, July 22, 2019 at the Napa Valley Criminal Justice Training Center
Monday, November 18, 2019 at the Napa Valley Criminal Justice Training Center

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Is your agency interested in hosting a presentation of this course?

The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training is funding 8 presentations of this course at locations throughout California through early 2021.  The goal is to make this training easily accessible to as many law enforcement trainers as possible.  We will select locations based on our goal of reaching as many different locations in California as possible with our funding.

The hosting agency must agree the provide the following:

  • A classroom with at least 4 tables with 5 chairs each (actual number based on enrollment)
  • A table for the instructor
  • A computer with Internet access, speakers, and LCD projector similar system
  • Restrooms including at least one gender neutral restroom on-site
  • An on-site coordinator to assist with arrangements and to receive shipments of course materials
  • At least 15 and up to 35 participants
  • The printing of course completion certificates on the day of training
  • Optional: Provide coffee and refreshments for participants

Out To Protect Will Provide:

  • POST course certification via the Napa Valley Criminal Justice Training Center
  • One instructor
  • Course registration processing
  • Course materials including an instructor guide for each participant
  • Blank course completion certificates

If you are interested and able to host a presentation of this course, please complete the form below.

Name of the agency or academy offering to host

Complete address of where the training will be held

Your first and last name

Title or rank

Phone number

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Please provide 3 dates at least 90 days from today when the training will be held. The last day training may be scheduled is January 31, 2021. Enter the date YYYY-MM-DD

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Do you have at least 15 participants already identified?

I understand that my agency or academy may not charge course participants any course fees. I agree to provide a classroom and AV equipment as described above. I confirm that there are restrooms, including at least one gender neutral restroom, on site. I agree to designate an on-site coordinator to assist Out To Protect in advance of the program.