LGBT Awareness Training For Trainers

This course prepares instructors to facilitate LGBT awareness training as specified in California Penal Code section 13519.41 (effective January 1, 2019) for peace officers, dispatchers and other law enforcement professionals.  We are offering it in partnership with the Napa Valley Criminal Justice Training Center.  It is available in a face-to-face or fully online format and is certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training under Plan IV.  The course content is applicable for any law enforcement agency in the United States.

The learning outcomes for this course include:

1.     The student will identify the required course content for LGBT awareness training pursuant to California Penal Code section 13519.41.

2.     The student will understand how to use learning activities to deliver course content related to LGBT awareness training for law enforcement.

3.     The student will identity the documents required to get a course of training certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.

Participants will receive a complete training package for the LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement course that includes an expanded course outline, lesson plans, PowerPoints, learning activities, two training guides, a student workbook and a textbook. It is recommended that participants have some prior instructor development training.  Participants will complete the LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement course content during this training for trainers.

The online format includes all of the same content as the face-to-face class.  The course is presented on the Canvas Learning Management System and is accessible from any computer with Internet access.  No special software is required.  Students in the online course will complete training required under 13519.41PC as well as the training for trainer components.  The course requires the passing of a course quiz and submission of an original expanded course outline and learning activity.

Online Course Presentation Schedule

Open and Available: January 11 through June 25, 2021
Cost: $85.00

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Face-To-Face Course Presentation Schedule

To Be Announced Pending COVID-19 Restrictions

If you are interested in hosting a face-to-face LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement Training For Trainers
course, please contact us directly to discuss details.  As of May 1, we are now available to travel with this course anywhere in California.