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Should I Come Out During The Background Investigation?

One of the questions I frequently get from LGBT law enforcement applicants is whether or not they should “come out” at any point during the hiring process. Most of the writers expressed concern about suffering from discrimination and worry about

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Make 2013 Your Year

So here I sit on the last day of 2012 thinking about the prospects of the new year. I’ve always been into resolutions, some that end up becoming part of my life and others that fade away after the shine

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The Coming Out Journey – Telling Your Work Partner

Now that you have come out to yourself and have had some success telling other people close to you in your life, you are probably thinking about how to come out at work.  Remember that once you begin to tell

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Employees “Out” At Work Are More Successful

This is an important study just released that provides clear evidence that those employees who are “out” on the job stand a greater chance of being successful.  For law enforcement agencies, one of the important facts this survey supports is

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