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Meet Commander David Myers

In 1993, I was 32 years old, married with 2 young children, and working as a patrol Deputy in the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. My mom called me one afternoon and told me that my dad had been diagnosed with

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Pride Reflections

All my life I have followed my dream of becoming a Peace Officer. I have worked hard to reach my goals in life. I have struggled and I have cried. There was always part of me growing up that made

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Our Radio Show Special

In 2010, we produced a special radio show during law enforcement week to share the stories of some amazing lesbian and gay law enforcement professionals who have “come out” on the job and who are working the streets serving communities

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What Hip-Hop And Law Enforcement Have In Common

Most people in law enforcement probably wouldn’t see what the hip-hop music profession shares in common with the law enforcement profession, but homophobia appears to be one blatant common theme found in both cultures.  This week, hop-hop artist Frank Ocean

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The Coming Out Journey – If It Doesn’t Go Well

So what happens if you take our advice and come out, but when you tell your parents or someone else close to you, it doesn’t go well.  Despite all of the success stories we know of, unfortunately there are many

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